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Investing in solar energy: why it also makes perfect sense in 2020

Even in 2020 solar energy yields a great return on investment. The main reason being that the energy prices are still on the rise in Belgium. Because you are fulfilling your own energy needs, you are taking these fluctuations in prices out of the equation. 

Some other Solar Panels Information?

  • Grants are available as green energy certificates.
  • Independency from heavily fluctuating energy prices and the rising cost of energy.
  • Quick return on investment and a very interesting cost of ownership (TCO)
  • High long term financial revenu
  • Green energy, a great way to boost your corporate identity and image.  


When it comes to PV-installations bigger than 10kW there are still grants in place. Obviously, these are not as abundant as in the early days.  However, consider that the average price of solar panels has decreased considerably. As a result, the price drop in some cases amounted to almost 75% . Needless to say, this makes projects today very affordable.  

Whether you can get grants (or subsidies) in the form of green energy certificates as well as other benefits, depends largely on the region where you are located. 

To help you understand we have created a seperate ‘grants and subsidies‘-page where you can compare the various legislation per region.

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all formula to calculate the exact cost of a PV-installation. 

Prices depend on a number of factors, such as:

  1. The type of roof;
  2. The presence or absense of shade;
  3. Your converter

To get the highest possible yield, all these factors should be closely examined. Therefore, get in touch with Ministry Of Solar for all additional information.  

What changed?


  • Increase of distribution network fees.
  • Increased contribution for the Energy Fund.
  • Free kWh treshold was cancelled.
  • The VAT-tarrif on electricity was increased.
  • “Prosumer Tariff” (= an additional tax on solar panels) was imposed.



  • The VAT-tarrif on electricity was increased.



  • Increase in distribution network tariffs
  • Increase of the VAT rate on electricity

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