Rooftop Solar

Rooftop Solar Panels

Rooftop Solar Panel installation for all types of roofs.

Our team has ample experience in rooftop solar plants. Due to many years of rooftop installing experience of our key team members from Belgium (a country where 95% of solar installations are rooftop), we install very efficient and cost effective on large industrial roofs. We use a smart panel support system that is robust, quick to install, allows for a natural ‘cooling’ of the panels and enhances the ‘auto cleaning’ of the panel against dust and sand. Contrary to most other systems, our panel support structure allows us to safe heavily on regular panel cleaning costs, as we hardly ever have to clean our panels. 

We install on all types of flat roofs (EPDM, roofing, etc.) as well as all types of inclining roofs (metal, tiles, etc.).
On flat roofs we work with ballast so there is no need to penetrate the roof membrane. The solar panels including the ballast usually weight 10-15kg/m².

Solar Panels on inclining roof
Solar panels installed on an inclining roof.
Structures on flat roof of solar panels
Solar Panels on flat roof.

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