Public fast EV charger at Ministry of Solar in Ruiselede

Borne de recharge rapide public chez Ministry of Solar à Ruiselede.

Public fast EV charger at Ministry of Solar in Ruiselede

At Ministry of Solar in Ruiselede, anyone can charge their electric car at the public fast charger in no time. Ideally located at only 5 km or 6 min drive from the E40 exit in Aalter!

Ministry of Solar highly values green mobility and opens its new fast charging infrastructure in Ruiselede to everyone.

Making renewable energy available, as Ministry of Solar does, is essential in solving the climate problem. Green mobility plays a key role in the energy transition.

Ministry of Solar therefore uses its know-how to contribute to environmentally friendly transport alternatives and is fully committed to electric driving, electrification of its own fleet and making a 1st fast charging point available to everyone.

A significant part of our own fleet is already fully electric and the installation of the public fast charger at our Ruiselede site is a fact! 

Electric cars are charged here for the next trip in no time. 

Green energy from our own solar panels powers the charging infrastructure. Charging speeds depend on the type of car, but in the best case, one can continue driving for 100 km after only 8 minutes of charging!

Everyone on the road as well as local residents benefit from this investment, as the DC charger is available to the general public. Electricity can be recharged with both charge cards and credit cards. Furthermore, everyone is welcome at the “regular” AC charging stations during working hours between 8 am and 5 pm.



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