Ministry of Solar wins Techlink Award 2023 for sustainable renovation

Ministry of Solar gana el Techlink Award 2023 por su renovación sostenible.

Ministry of Solar wins Techlink Award 2023 for sustainable renovation

Techlink Award winners play a leading role in the energy transition.

As the Belgian professional federation of manufacturers, distributors, installers and companies active in technical maintenance and energy management of multifunctional plants and renewable energy systems and energy storage, Techlink translates policy at European, national and local level into practical guidelines for all players in the Ecosystem. As a federation, Techlink is one of the most important voices in the social debate on energy transition in Belgium.

Ministry of Solar’s floating solar panel structure transforms the surface of drinking water reservoirs, lakes, dams and ponds into useful and productive spaces. Moreover, the structure allows wind to pass freely under the panels, cooling the panels and cabling naturally, resulting in higher efficiency. The 1,000 kWp floating installation produces 1,041 MWh annually, of which 943 MWh is used immediately at the quarry Les Petons. During weekends, when the quarry is closed, the electricity is sold to the grid.

At the same site, Ministry of Solar also previously installed 1,000 kWp of uni-axial trackers that follow the sun from east to west.

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