Deputy Prime Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne visits Ministry of Solar

Vice-premier Vincent Van Quickenborne op bezoek bij Ministry of Solar

Deputy Prime Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne visits Ministry of Solar

On Tuesday 26 September, Deputy Prime Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne paid us a working visit and was quite clear: Innovation and technological developments play a key role in the energy transition, but a stable and transparent regulatory framework with more investment security is also urgent for an energy-efficient, CO2-neutral and sustainable society.

Here, our “Smart Energy Management” attracted the Minister’s full attention because in real-time technical performance can be closely monitored and controlled, and a complete insight into the solar panels’ electricity production and energy consumption is obtained. Moreover, this tool prevents the injection of electricity into the grid when energy prices on the market are negative.

The Minister further stood in admiration of our in-house developed floating support structure for solar panels to make water surfaces productive.

Deputy Prime Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne, after his discussions with leading innovative companies in the sector, has planned to work on a stable, transparent and simple framework to accelerate sustainability and encourage innovative renewable energy projects.

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