Ground Mounted Solar

Ground mounted solar.

Types of structures.

For ground mounted solar structures, we use different types of systems depending on the client requirements and topography. 

In certain situations, we place panels high on roof-type constructions, so that the panels create shade and are less prone to theft. In other projects we create fully waterproof surfaces with panels, so the space underneath can be used for storage, shade etc. 

The standard system uses poles in the ground, elevating the panels high enough so animals can pass under. For temporarily energy requirements, we can also provide easily deployable prefab structures.

Ground Mounted Solar / Grondopstelling- Fixed vs 1-Axis Panel Support Structures
Fixed Solar Panel Support Structure.
A fixed panel support structure is usually positioned to the South in the Northern hemisphere and the North in the Southern hemisphere, to maximize daily production. The axis of a 1-axis panel support structure is usually oriented North-South. In this way, the system captures the sun:

  • in the East in the morning
  • in the South/North at midday
  • in the West in the afternoon.

By ‘tracking’ the sun, the panels will always capture the full sun and produce c. 20% more electricity during a longer period every day. The 1-axis tracking system also produces more when electricity is most expensive (early morning and late afternoon).
Single-axis Tracking Structures.
In most cases we recommend the use of a single axis tracking panel support system. With a 1-axis panel support system the full production starts earlier in the morning and last longer in the afternoon (this is when electricity is often most needed and expensive).
Fixed system without tracking
Average daily production 80%
With tracking system
Average daily production 100%
The main benefits of the 1-axis system.


  • +- 20% higher overall electricity production
  • More constant production during the day (no midday peak)
  • More production when electricity prices are highest (i.e. early morning and late afternoon)
  • More hours at full capacity
  • Simple technology
  • Low maintenance solution
  • Low equipment cost
  • Simple installation
  • High wind resistance
  • Long life
  • Easy to clean

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