Grants, certificates and benefits

Grants, certificates and benefits

The legislation and the level in which state grants, subsidies and so on are being approved, changes constantly. Moreover, Belgium is a federal country with different systems per region.

On these pages we will give you an overview on the current situation. 

Obviously, Ministry Of Solar is always at your disposal when you are planning a project and want to know in depth which grants are applicable in your situation. 

Green energy certificates in Flanders.

PV-installations where the maximum AC-power of the converters exceeds 10kW.

  • Green Energy certificates  of 93 EUR
  • Duration: 15 years if installed before April 2018; After that date, duration reduced to 10 years.
  • Produced electricity (MWh) x banding factor x 93EUR = granted support
  • As of April 2018, the banding factor is slightly higher for projects that involve some sort of citizen participation.
 As of April 2020As of August 2020As of Jan 2021
Total Power ConvertersBanding factorEUR/MWhBanding factorEUR/MWhBanding factorEUR/MWh
10kW < x ≤ 40kW000000
40kW < x ≤ 250kW0.461
250kW < x ≤ 750kW0.255
ࣙ> 750kWUpon requestUpon requestUpon requestUpon requestUpon RequestUpon Request

Sources: Vreg , Bandingfactoren , FluviusEvaluatierapporten VEA

Photovoltaic installation with a maximal panel power output of over 10kWp.
  • Green energy certificates of  65EUR
  • Duration: 10 years
  • Produced electricity (MWh) x banding factor x 65EUR = grant
  • Request to reserve green energy certificates is mandatory.
  • Total budgetted grant of green energy certificates is limited per year.
Banding factor kECOReservation
after 01/07/2019
EUR/MWhReservation after
after 01/02/2021
10kWp < x ≤ 250kWp0.7951.350.7951.350.6626.00
250kWp < x ≤ 500kWp0.6340.950.6340.950.5334.45
500kWp < x ≤ 750kWp0.6340.950.6340.950.5334.45
750kWp < x ≤ 1MWp0.6340.950.6340.950.5334.45
> 1MWp0.4730.550.4730.550.4026.00

Sources: SPW , énergie en Wallonie (État de l’enveloppe) , énergie en Wallonie (La réservation)

Green energy in Brussels

All PV-installations are entitled to funding in Brussels.

  • Green power certificates of 65EUR, but market price is c. 91EUR (depending on fluctuating market valuation)
  • Duration: 10 years.
  • Produced electricity (MWh) x level-of-approval x 91EUR = grant

The current grant system is valid until 1st Januari 2021. After that, new rules are applicable with value to be communicated on 1st Sept 2020.

  • Subdivision in multiple categories.
  • New coëeficients only applicable on new installations.

As of 02/2016Level of Approval
Power output categoryGSC/MWhEUR/MWh
≤ 5kWp3195 or 270
> 5kWp3156 or 216
As of 01/2021*Level of Approval
Power output categoryGSC/MWhEUR/MWh
≤ 6kWp2.5162.5 or 227.5
6kWp < x ≤ 12kWp2.1136.5 or 191.1
12kWp < x ≤ 50kWp2.1136.5 or 191.1
50kWp < x ≤ 100kWp1.7110.5 or 154.7
100kWp < x ≤ 250kWp1.6104 or 145.6
> 250kWp1.491 or 127.4
*expected data Source: Brugel

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