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Ministry of Solar: Preferred Partner for Solar Energy Projects. Worldwide.

Company Information and mission statement.

Ministry of Solar™ is a preferred solar energy project partner. We offer reliable, photovoltaic solar panel solutions worldwide as an Engineering, Procurement and Construction Company (EPC).

First, our engineers design the best possible solution. Depending on the project specifics, the size and the country, we can then either send a complete DIY containerized solution, work together with local install companies or send in our own installation team. For large projects, to have at least one of our engineers on the ground during installation is highly recommended.

All our electricity boards are produced internally by our own electricians.

Going the extra mile.

Our projects are often in remote and isolated regions around the world. Therefore, these have to be exceptionally reliable. Our team spends a lot of time engineering our projects  in detail, and only work with products and technologies of the highest quality.

Ministry of Solar develops projects for industry, food processing, farms, mines, communities and government. We focus predominantly on mid-size to large scale solar plants, however smaller scale, state-of-the-art quality solar systems are also possible. 

Our History.

Ministry of Solar was founded in 2015 by Benoit Stroobandt. 

Some of the subsequent members and partners have extensive previous experience, such as Johan Stroobandt, with PV experience since 2007.

Our Mission.
We aim to be the number one preferred partner for reliable, impactful and sustainable solar energy projects. Not just in our home country Belgium, but worldwide.

Why Solar Energy?

The Cheapest Way To Produce Electricity.

Solar energy became the cheapest way to produce electricity in sunny countries. Actually, the basic necessity – energy – is now much more democratic than ever before. By bringing electricity to the most remote areas, we hope for millions of people to improve:

  • education levels (reading, internet);
  • improve the life quality and – expectancy (fridges for medication, hospitals with electricity);
  • enhance safety (lightning, communication)

Cheap and reliable electricity also provides enormous possibilities to develop local industry.

Fast installation.

Installing a solar plant can happen very fast. Going from  signing to finishing a solar project typically takes a couple of months. Hydro-, nuclear- and gas plants can take years of planning or implementing.

Reliable energy for over 25 years.

Once panels are installed, you have reliable energy for more than 25 years. Obviously this is especially important for remote locations, where there is no reliable network connection and diesel supply is cumbersome.

Solar Energy On A Larger Scale.

Contrary to what some people still think, it is today possible to provide large industrial consumers, whole communities, big farms and complete cities with electricity from solar panels. Actually, as long as there is rooftop – or ground space available, it is perfectly possible to set up solar plants that can produce multiple MWs of clean energy.

Company Information and mission statement

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